Microsoft is reaching the end of the line with regards to Windows Server 2003 support. If you’re running a Windows 2003 Server, you are no longer going to receive important security and stability updates for your operating system.  This is important because new security flaws are always being found and internet security standards are constantly improving and evolving.

If your website or web applications are hosted on a Windows 2003 Server, you need to start planning how you’re going to migrate your website and applications to a newer server operating system such as Windows 2012 R2.  Planning now is important because in many instances older website and web applications may not run on the new OS without some rework.

Microsoft has slated July, 2015 as the end-of-life for Windows 2003 Server.  As such,  you have some time to start planning your migration to Windows 2012 R2 Server.

While Internovations is not a reseller of Microsoft software, we can help you acquire the latest version of Windows 2012 R2 Server and we can also assist in migrating your website or redeveloping any web-centric applications that may need updating to run on Windows 2012 R2.