A Travel Planning Website – GoVerdugo

Another recent project by Internovations is the GoVerdugo website.  More than just a simple website, the GoVerdugo system allows commuters to setup accounts, create custom trip plans on an integrated mapping system, log trips, apply for subsidies for Metro in California and purchase bus and train passes online.  Contributors can also setup accounts and upload news, alerts and special programs that then get conveyed to commuters based on where commuters travel to.  It’s a great tool for cities and businesses in California to get in touch with commuters about traffic and road conditions as well is keep the public “in the know” about promotions and programs.

We’ve developed the front-end of this site in WordPress and the back-end and all the meat-and-potatoes in custom PHP.  We’ve integrated mapping with Metro, payment processing with Square and geo-coding with Google.

At Internovations, we’re more than just run-of-the-mill website designers.  We’re system architects and integration specialists, oh, and we can put a pretty web face on it too!

Click Here to visit GoVerdugo.com.