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WordPress Website Development

WordPress is one of the most powerful and popular platforms for building websites.  Most websites on the Internet are in fact built with WordPress.  Internovations’ own website is built with WordPress.

WordPress originally started as a platform to quickly and easily build blogs.  However, over time it has grown and been modified to do so much more.  WordPress can do a lot all by itself but its real power comes in the form of third-party plugins.  A WordPress plugin is just a piece of software that can be installed as part of WordPress to add more features such a fancy contact forms, shopping carts, image galleries, and such.  There are literally tens-of-thousands of plugins to do all sorts of things.  Lastly, if a plugin does not already exist that does exactly what you need, Internovations can write one for you!

Because WordPress is so popular, there are a myriad of developers to choose from.  While we at Internovations believe in long-term relationships with our customers, it’s relatively easy to find other developers who also know the platform.

If you’re interested in a WordPress website, look no further than Internovations.

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WordPress Development at Internovations, LLC.

Benefits of WordPress

  • It is a mature and refined platform.
  • Websites can be less expensive to build in WordPress than other platforms.
  • WordPress is highly configurable.
  • WordPress’s features can be easily expanded through plugins.
  • WordPress is easy enough so that with simple training, many customers can make modest updates to their own sites.
  • WordPress is portable thus making it easy to move a WordPress website to a different host if needed.

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