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Website Maintenance


Perhaps you already have a website and it’s just not working the way you’d like, or you just need some text edits, or you’d like to increase your search engine ranking.  We can help with all of these issues.

When modifying an existing website, we begin by discussing your concerns.  We then formulate a strategy to address your needs and provide an estimate of the time required.  If your website is so old and outdated that it cannot be updated, we’ll let you know and offer an alternative course of action.

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Website Need Updating?

If your website is old and hasn’t been updated recently, Internovations can help update it. We can:

  • Update your website’s verbiage.
  • Update your website’s images.
  • Check your site’s mobile readiness.
Website Maintenance & Enhancement by Internovations

Why Update Your Website?

  • Website technology is changing every year.  If you’re running on old technology, your website might not be secure.
  • If your website is not mobile-ready, you’ll never realize good search engine ranking.
  • If the content on your website hasn’t been updating in years, that will also hurt your search engine ranking.
  • Website design asthetics are always evolving.  It’s important to maintain a modern look to inspire customer confidence in your business.

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