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Internet Technology Guidance Service

A website is part of a larger marketing strategy that supports customer service and drives sales. As such, businesses often need other systems to integrate with their website. These external systems may include customer relation management systems (CRMs), accounting systems, credit card processing systems, lead management systems, or project management systems.

With our Internet Technology Guidance Service, Internovations can identify how your website can integrate with other systems that you’re using.  Additionally, we provide consulting to help you navigate the maze of technology terms and processes that make the internet work.

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Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting, your website is hosted on multiple servers that are spread across the nation or the world. Some cloud providers maintain servers on the East and West Coasts of the United States. Visitors to a cloud hosted website are directed to the server that is nearest to them. Additionally, your website is replicated across multiple servers so that if one server becomes inaccessible for some reason, people would then access your website via  alternate server.

Server Ownership and Co-Location

Anytime you host a website with a hosting provider, there are limits on what you can do with their servers. Maybe you’re building a web application that needs lots of ram, multiple virtual machines, or dedicated database servers. If this is the case, then it might be time to consider purchasing your own servers. When you purchase your own servers, they can be configured in any manner that you require. You can run any operating system you want, install software that you need, and of course your hardware is used only by your business. Co-location facilities are secure places where you can install your server in a rack and connect it to the internet. This can be the most expensive approach to hosting but sometimes the benefits are warranted.

Internovations can guide you through the maze of options and setup a hosting solution that perfectly matches your business requirements.

Hosting and Server Assistance

Every website has to be hosted somewhere. “Hosting” simply means that the code and images that your website is comprised of are placed on a server (a computer) that is connected to the internet. 

Shared Website Hosting

Shared website hosting is one of the most popular forms for hosting because it is inexpensive. In a shared hosting environment, hundreds or thousands of websites might be hosted on a single server. This is usually a satisfactory arrangement if your website does not receive a lot of traffic.

Dedicated Website Hosting

With a dedicated hosting arrangement, a website is hosted on its own server. The server might be single physical computer, or it could be a virtual machine running on a very powerful hardware platform. In a dedicated environment, your site is guaranteed to have a certain amount of CPU power and memory available at all times.

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