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Business & Website Security is Important

An often-overlooked aspect of website design, website hosting and website maintenance is that of website security.

We believe that every website should have some sort of monitoring system or anti-virus scanning system as part of its implementation. Additionally, many small businesses have lax or no security infrastructure in place.

Business security doesn’t have to cost a fortune but there are several things that every business should have in place. Basic business security measures include:

  • Anti-virus and anti-malware installed on every computer.
  • Password protected and secured WiFi.
  • A corporate password manager so that people aren’t writing passwords down.
  • A hardware firewall for all Internet traffic.
  • Reliable on-site and off-site backups.
  • Well documented policies for protecting customer information.

WordPress Security

When building WordPress sites, we are fond of the WordFence security plugin. This is a powerful security plugin that has many features that stop hackers in their tracks.

Some hosting providers provide anti-virus scanning services.  Every WordPress website should have some sort of security apparatus in place.

At Internovations, we take website security seriously.  Every WordPress website that we build has security software in place.

Business Security

Businesses in the United States lose millions of dollars every year to hackers.  All it takes is the opening of a single email from a bad actor to have your entire organization infected with a virus or ransomware. 

When securing a business or setting up web servers at a co-location facility, we recommend using a WatchGuard firewall.  A WatchGuard firewall is a dedicated box that gets installed between your network and the internet.  All Internet traffic must first pass through the firewall. The firewall is purpose built to look for hacker activity, to scan data as it moves across the firewall, and to automatically block suspicious activity or payloads.

WatchGuard firewalls are extremely flexible, very powerful, and absolutely essential to protect any business that is connected to the internet.

At Internovations, we are experts at installing and configuring WatchGuard firewalls.  If your business needs a firewall, give us a call and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Watchguard Firewall Setup by Internovations

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