A “responsive” website is a site that will adapt to the device that it is being viewed on.  Gone are the days of people only using their computers to browse the Internet.  Today, 60% of the searches that are performed on the Internet take place with smart phones and tablets.  This means that your site needs to be designed in such a manner that it renders properly on mobile-devices as well as desktop computers.  This is known as being mobile-ready.

This month, Google is going to start to penalize the rankings for sites that are not “responsive” or mobile-ready when returning results to people searching from their mobile devices.  If your site is not “responsive” or if it’s more than a few years old and not developed using today’s standards, you’re looking at a potential loss of traffic to your website.

The solution is simple, it’s time to redesign your site and make it “responsive”.  Call or email Internovations today so we can redesign your site and keep traffic flowing from the search engines!