As residents of the Carson Valley, we’re big proponents of supporting the small businesses in our area.  When your neighbors prosper, you prosper, the community prospers, and the quality of life for everybody increases.  It is in that vein that we are pleased to show-off the new website for one of our favorite little places to eat, Genoa Station Bar & Grill in Genoa, Nevada.

Genoa Station Bar & Grill is locally owned by the Rojas Brothers.  The food is great and always fresh.  They believe in serving quality products like Bently Ranch Meats.  Can you say locally grown grass-fed beef?!  There are not many places who can brag about only selling grass-fed beef.  What’s all the hype about grass-fed beef you might ask?  Well it’s simple really…for millions of years cows evolved to eat…grass, not corn. The resulting meat from grass-fed cows is higher in omega-3 lipids so it has a healthier ratio of good fat than corn fed beef.  Translation, it’s MUCH healthier!

If you’re a local or passing through, stop by Genoa Station Bar & Grill for a great meal at a great price.  And if you need a website for your business, give Internovations a call.  We’re more than just website designers, we are supporters of our local economy, purveyors of organic food and care-takers of mother earth.

Visit Genoa Station Bar & Grill’s new website.