The developers at Wordfence were kind enough to build a tool to test if your home router is vulnerable to high-jackers (that is people who can take control of your home router to launch attacks against anybody they choose to on the Internet).

Take five and click on the link below to visit Wordfence’s vulnerability test page.  Scroll down a tad and click the “SCAN ME” button to see if your home router is vulnerable.  If the test determines that your home router is vulnerable, the visit the website of the router’s manufacturer and search for any firmware updates for your router.

Wordfence Vulnerability Test

Lastly, if you have WordPress site and you don’t have any anti-virus software installed to protect it, take a look at Wordfence.  Internovations uses Wordfence for every WordPress site that we build to provide a layer of protection that is second-to-none.