As a business located in Carson Valley Nevada ourselves, we’re big proponents of supporting the other small businesses in our community.  When our neighbors and community prosper, the quality of life for everybody increases.  It is in that vein that we are pleased to share a new website for one of our favorite local businesses, Carson Valley Transmission in Gardnerville, Nevada.

From the Carson Valley Transmission website:

We have lived in the Carson Valley for over thirty years. Our reputation in the area as professionals, neighbors and friends is excellent. We love the Carson Valley and are proud to serve our community.

If you’re a local or passing through and you need general transmission repairs, stop by Carson Valley Transmission and meet their friendly and knowledgeable staff.  And if you need a website for your business, give Internovations a call.  We’re more than just website designers, we are supporters of our local economy, purveyors of organic food and care-takers of mother earth.

Visit Carson Valley Transmission’s website.