We’re pleased to showcase our new eCommerce site, DeetleBop Art!

The DeetleBop Art site is a perfect example of an eCommerce solution using WordPress.  This site is hosted by Internovations and was built using WordPress and WooCommerce.  WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce plug-in available for WordPress.

Our goal was to create a site that is simple to update.  As such, we use plug-ins that automatically watermark images as they are uploaded and others that facilitate bulk updates to product characteristics such as pricing, variations and categorization.

Another important goal was to build a site that is inexpensive to initially setup and to maintain.  WordPress is a free platform as are many of the plug-ins we selected for use.  We also opted to use PayPal for processing payments.  We chose to branch out of the site to accept payment via PayPal for two reasons: 1) We eliminated the need to purchase an SSL certificate because we are not accepting credit card information directly on the DeetleBop site and 2) Because we are not accepting and processing credit cards ourselves, we eliminated the need for burdensome and costly requirements imposed by PCI compliance.

Take a few moments to browse the site and see how it works.  If you or a colleague has the need for a cost-effective eCommerce solution, give us a call or email and let’s discuss how Internovations can help.