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Small Business Website Design is Our Specialty

At Internovations, we specialize in building small business websites.  We can design and build websites of any size.  We utilize world-class tools such as WordPress, Squarespace and Dreamweaver.  We also do custom programming using languages such as C#, PHP, Javascript, T-SQL and VBScript.

We are located in Minden, Nevada and we service The Carson Valley, Carson City, Reno, Dayton and Lake Tahoe areas.

Website Design Approach

We start by learning about your business and what it is that you hope to accomplish with your website.

We analyze your existing marketing efforts to determine how a website will play into that in a synergistic manner.

We then craft a prototype website based on the information that we have learned.

Through a thoughtful and iterative process, we then fine-tune the prototype website until we realize your vision and satisfy your marketing goals.

Mobile Application Development

Mobility is here to stay.

We design mobile applications for Android and iOS using Xamarin.  Xamarin is an industry-standard and extremely powerful platform for building, testing and deploying native mobile applications.

There are some things you can do with a Mobile Application that cannot be done with a website.  It is supremely easier for your customers to simply launch your App to gain access to information as opposed to having to load a browser and then navigate to your website.

Website Programming

If you need programming to expand the capabilities of your website such as in: adding a database to capture leads, accept payments, integrate with social media or just about anything, we’ve got you covered.

We can work with any service that has an API be it an emailing service, accounting system, credit card processing service or any of the thousands of other services on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization

Every website that we build is inherently optimized for outstanding search engine ranking.  We include sitemaps, favicons, meta tags, and properly written contextual verbiage with every website we build. The not so “secret” secret to good ranking is verbiage that makes sense. As such, we tailor the verbiage on your website to intelligently convey the meaning of your site.

Mobile Ready Website Design

Every website that we build is “responsive” and mobile-ready.  That means that your Internovations designed website will adjust itself automatically based on the size of the device that is being viewed on. The end result is that your new website will display properly on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices and thus provide a great browsing experience for your customers.

Need Website Hosting

There are many hosting providers but not all of them equal.  At Internovations, we use and recommend for their outstanding hosting and support.

Web Hosting

Website Content Writing & Editing

We offer professional and quality website content writing and editing services.

With our writing service, we can fine-tune your marketing message or even create an entirely new marketing position and strategy for your business.

Experience Counts

We’ve been building websites since 1998.  In the beginning, we had to convince customers of the importance of having a professionally built website.  Today, the benefits are self-evident and numerous.

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